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          Shaanxi Electronic Information Group, established on 18th Jan. 2007, is a large cooperate group of over 30,000 employees under the industrial development strategy of“big group leads, big project supports, industrial cluster promotes, industrial park carries ”and it is a Military electronic scientific research and production base of paramount importance. The majority of the owned enterprises were key  enterprises during the first five-year plan and "3-line construction" period. 
        Branches at the subordinate level attached to the group include: Shaanxi Lingyun Electronics Group Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Fenghuo Communication Group Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Huanghe Group Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Changling Electronic Tech. Co. Ltd., The Northwest Machine Co., Ltd., 西京电气总公司, Shaanxi Qunli Electrician Co., Ltd., Xi’an Weiguang Science and Technology Co., ltd., Shaanxi Huaxing Electronics Group Co. Ltd., Tianshui Tianguang Semiconductor Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Weihe mould Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Province Military (Group) Limited Liability Co., Ltd., Xi’an Avionics Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Photovoltaic Industry Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Electronic Information International Commerce Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd., Shaanxi New Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Qinde Semiconductor Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Electronic Information Industry Investment Consulting Co. Ltd.
       The group now has one state-level enterprise technology centers, two state-level engineering centers, one state-level technology enterprise incubator, two academician workstations, five post-doctoral workstations, twenty-six provincial engineering centers and enterprise technology centers.
       Over the long-term development of our group, it has formed a “three-in-one” industrial structure, which is based on military industry, guided by the strategic emerging industries and supported by the traditional industries. In the military industry, the main products involve radar equipment, communication equipment, navigation equipment, electronic special equipment, electronic components and raw materials. In terms of strategic emerging industries, products mainly incorporate solar photovoltaic, semiconductor lighting, power electronic power devices, internet of things, and etc. In traditional industries, products include transformer, special copper, automotive electronics, automotive batteries, special vehicles, textile spinning and other fields.
      In 2016, the operating revenue of our group reached 15.479 billion yuan, which was a 8.66% year-on-year growth. The profit attained 254 million yuan, a 16.46% year-on-year growth. In the conclusion period of "13th Five-Year" plan, the group will strive to enhance the operating income to 35 billion yuan, with a total profit of 1 billion yuan and 200 million yuan of economic value-added.

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