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The branch military enterprises were built in the 1940s, some of which are 156 key projects built by the former Soviet Union during the first five-year plan period and 860 supporting projects for key projects, some of which are built during the "3-line construction" period. Over the past decades, the group have been marching on the path of introduction, digestion, absorption, independent innovation and undertook a number of national military manufacturing tasks of electronic equipment, components and raw material development and production, which has made outstanding contributions to the modernization of our national defense capability and constitutes as China's important production base of military electronic equipment.

Main products: ground guidance radar, aircraft landing guidance radar, airborne Doppler navigation radar, airborne weather radar, airborne radar altimeter, submarine navigation/attack radar, etc.. The advanced technologies comprehensively manipulated in this aspect, such as phased array, monopulse, digital signal processing and distributed computer control, elevate the performance indexes of variety of radars to stand itself on domestic leading position and international advanced level.

We adopt full digital technology, fast frequency modulation technology, Calman filter technology and etc. The main products are short wave anti jamming radio, ultrashort wave anti-jamming radio, airborne short wave adaptive radio, digital interphone, aviation lifesaving directional instrument, data link and so on.

The main products: automatic airborne directional instrument (ADF), TACAN equipment (TACAN), PDME (PDME), satellite navigation user equipment, LMMR-1A model and LTDL-B data receiving equipment chain C terminal etc.. The product adopts the technology of large-scale integrated circuit, wavelet analysis, digital filter and so on.。

Electronic Components and Materials
Main products: electrical connectors, low-frequency and high-power semiconductor devices, thick and thin film hybrid integrated circuits, VDMOS power field effect transistors, electromagnetic relays, electro acoustic devices, glass-glazed potentiometers, mica capacitors, gas sensors, electronic paste, shielding materials etc.. It is equipped with a number of core technologies, techniques and independent intellectual property rights and make contributions to manned space engineering in terms of a number of series and hundreds of specifications of electronic components.

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