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SEC Held 2017 Leadership Democratic Life Meeting

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On February 9th 2018, according to the spirit of the Central Committee and the overall deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial SASAC Committee, the Party committee of the group held the 2017 annual democratic life meeting of the leadership in the group's first conference room. The meeting was chaired by Yan Linbao, secretary of the Party committee of the group company and chairman of the board. Du Fangjun, deputy inspector of the provincial SASAC, He Yu, director of the mass work department, and An Min, the deputy director of the mass work department, went to the meeting to give advises. The members of the group party committee, directors of the board and the leaders of the group participated in the meeting. Also, leaders of the related departments of the group attended the meeting.
     First of all, the group party secretary and chairman Yan Linbao reported the implementation of corrective measures of democratic life in last year, introduced the preparation for the meeting and proceeded corresponding examinations on behalf of the group leadership team. In terms of the the corresponding examinations, he concentrated on "six focuses", checked the existing problems and deficiencies of leadership in enhancing the "Four Consciousness", implementing decision-making deployment of the higher authorities, adhering to the reporting system, party loyalty, duty and other aspects, analyzes the reasons to those problems to puts forward orientation of future work and measures for future improvement.
Then, Yan Lin Bao took the lead to make personal corresponding examinations, analyzed the problems profoundly, and put forward the direction and measures for personal improvement for the group Party members to give advises and assistance.  The committee members, directors and teams of the group company spoke in turns to connect work and personal practice, orient on the democratic life theme, adhere to the problem, strengthen the awareness of the problem and integrate themselves and their thoughts so as to make in-depth analysis of the party spirit and problems checked and put forward direction for future work and improvement. The leadership team members held a responsible attitude to their comrades and team to give straightforward criticisms for the group leadership.
SASAC deputy inspector Du Fangjun made an important speech to fully affirmed the results of the meeting of high quality, which manifested solid preparation work, profound discussions, crystal-clear theme, deep analysis of the fundamental problems, sincerity of the mutual criticism and harmonious atmosphere. At the same time, Du Fangjun made specific requirements for the rectification work. First, it was important to enhance our learning and ideological understanding. Second, it is of paramount importance to further intensify efforts to reform and implement. In addition, we needed to further establish rules and regulations and consolidate the achievements of studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building. 
In conclusion, Yan Linbao made a position statement to address the gap between the superior authority requirements and this democratic life meeting for us to be aware of the deficiencies and make solid rectification and compensations. Also it was significant for us to learn deeply and focus on understanding and practice to strengthen the "Four Consciousness". It was critical for us to check problem presented and study in details to make feasible and pragmatic measures to accomplish rectification in limited amount of time and ensure the rectification work fully implemented. At the same time, according to the group spirit of “three prominence, three effectiveness”, we needed to be strict to improve the work style and to be sincere to execute reform and development tasks of the group, so that we would lay a solid foundation for the 2018 year plan and make greater contributions to the high-quality development for our group and “catch-up and transcendence” development for Shaanxi province.

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